On December 14th 2017 the Italian senate approved definitely a law on the Biotestament. The testament includes a lot of different points, one of this is the CONSENT OF THE INJURED, in other words you can have the euthanasia only if the patient and his family approve, but if the patient is a minor, the parents have the complete power of decision and the doctor has to respect what they’ve decided. The problem of euthanasia has existed for a lot of years and the number of patients who where in sever conditions has been increasing a lot because they preferred to die besides depending from a machinery to keep living. How could we forget about the case of Dj Fabo who went to Switzerland to committee suicide just with his strength and without the help of the Italian State? Today though the law on the Biotestament has been approved by the Italian state and how the article 1  says “you have to protect the right to live, you should have a good health and you should have dignity and autodetermination”.





Alessandra Flauto, Chiara Rossitti

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